Kuasar at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024

Kuasar: An Efficient Multi-Sandbox Container Runtime

With the deepening of enterprise digital transformation, businesses are increasingly focusing on cloud-based innovation and lean operations, which has put higher demands on cloud-native technologies. To meet enterprise requirements in cloud-native scenarios, various container isolation technologies have emerged in the industry, collectively referred to as “sandboxes”. However, cloud-native sandbox technologies still face great challenges:

  1. Various cloud-native scenarios pose higher requirements on sandboxes. Each sandbox technology has its advantages and disadvantages, but a single sandbox cannot meet the requirements of cloud services for secure isolation, high-speed and low noise, and standard universality. How to achieve full coverage of cloud-native business scenarios has become an increasingly common challenge for enterprises.

  2. Multiple types of sandboxes make O&M significantly harder. Because there is no unified development framework for developers to integrate sandbox technologies with container runtimes, key logs, important events, and sandbox management logic are different. The introduction of new sandbox can dramatically increase O&M pressure.

Kuasar,as an official project of CNCF, builds on legacy container runtime features, working with the Containerd community to promote unified standards for new sandbox APIs. By using Rust language and optimizing the management model framework, Kuasar further reduces management overheads and simplifies tracing to support mainstream sandbox technologies. Kuasar also allows multiple sandboxes colocation on one node for higher security and efficiency and lower costs.

During KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe, 19-22 March,Kuasar teams expect to have face-to-face communicate with you in Paris! Kuasar will continue to explore technological innovation in cloud-native container runtime and will continue to play a role in enterprise digital and cloud-native transformation, promoting widespread adoption of the Kuasar-based multi-sandbox container runtime solution.

Kuasar at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024:


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